Production of milk substitute products

DMK, with its subsidiary NORLAC GmbH, is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality milk substitute products for calf rearing in Germany – with over 60 years of experience. With our help, more than 15 million calves have already been able to have a safe and energetic start to life. These many years of experience make us a reliable partner for farmers in Germany. 8,600 milk producers are united in DMK alone.

NORMI the leading brand in northern Germany

Under the brand name NORMI we not only offer rearing fodder, but also products that support ill animals during the recovery process. A third large product group is made up of items that balance out a deficiency in certain minerals or vitamins in the animals in a targeted manner. DMK is the leading supplier of milk substitutes in northern Germany. The range of offers for our customers includes calves’ milk, piglet milk, energizers, mineral bucket licks and acid supplements.


Expansion of the sales territory and product portfolio

All NORMI milk substitutes are based on standardised raw dairy materials which always come from the same sources, so they do not vary in functional behaviour. DMK’s production facilities in Zeven meet the highest requirements and are, of course, certified according to all common auditing regulations.


We see good sales results in northern Germany and customer satisfaction with the quality of our products as a calling to continue expanding our market in Germany and Europe. In the process, the internet will play an increasingly bigger role. We are also permanently driving forward an expansion of the product range (e.g. piglet drinkers, animal fitness products). 

Complex nutritional system, including competent expert consultation

Many years of experience in developing high-quality special fodder enable us to now offer a complex nutritional system for young livestock with high product quality, expert knowledge of production technology and excellent consultancy expertise. An experienced team of laboratory and production staff make sure on a daily basis that we adhere to all of our and your demands for the high quality of NORMI branded products. By strengthening our sales force, consultation can be expanded and intensified on site. Competent specialist advice on site is one of the maxims of the NORLAC company philosophy.

You will find more information at:www.norlac.com


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