Dialogue with stakeholders

The DMK GROUP maintains a respectful and open dialogue with a variety of stakeholder groups and adopts new ideas. Some stakeholders have close links with DMK – the dairy farmers, employees and customers, for example. Other groups also express desires and expectations from, for example media and consumer protection organisations. We take stakeholders' concerns seriously and are open in the exchange of ideas. One example is the annual stakeholder survey after the combined annual report and sustainability report is published. Other formats for dialogue are also maintained, e.g. small group discussions, panel discussions and participation in round tables.

Stakeholder survey 2016

Our annual stakeholder survey focuses on the opinions of our internal and external stakeholders; these include our milk producers and employees, business partners, media, consumers, and representatives from associations, politics, and business. The 2015 stakeholder survey supported the materiality assessment required for GRI-G4 and flagged various aspects for the report. The topics of milk production, current developments in the milk industry, resource consumption, and DMK as an employer are of particular relevance to stakeholders (see Integrated Report 2015, p. 18-21). Assessing key topics and the 2015 Integrated Report was also the focus of the 2016 Stakeholder Survey, which once again confirms the results of the key topics. Here too, the dominant topics are milk production and the entire supply chain. In addition, the Stakeholder Survey highlighted interesting opportunities for developing the reporting further. Many thanks for participating!

Our memberships and alliances

An important element of our stakeholder engagement is memberships and alliances. DMK has been active in some very different organisations for many years, around 100 at present. They include regional, nationwide and international organisations, associations relating to the food industry, farm animal welfare and agriculture and renowned research institutes. DMK contributes its skills and experience to these memberships and benefits from the exchange of views and information and active participation in the further development of important industry topics. You will find an overview of our current memberships and alliances here.

DMK's awards and distinctions

We have been highly delighted to receive the various awards and distinctions that have repeatedly been conferred on us. Quality is an example: for years now, our Group has held a leading position in the top ten of the best producers of milk and dairy products. DMK has been honoured with the European Dairy Award for the best overall business performance in the DLG dairy product quality tests. This is the leading quality award in the food industry. In 2015, DMK received 361 DLG medals, comprising 253 gold, 96 silver and 12 bronze awards. In addition, we were the winner for our industry in the Top National Employer awards and were awarded the distinction of "Green Company". DMK's achievements in sustainability were also awarded Silver status by EcoVadis in 2016.

The GRI Standard as a guideline

Since 2012, DMK has produced reports according to the standard set by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which provides a binding framework for sustainability reporting which stakeholders take as a guide. GRI can also be used for combined annual reports and sustainability reports. In past years, DMK reported on the basis of the GRI-G3 Standard. The new GRI-G4 Standard will be used in the 2015 combined report, which will be published in June 2016. Materiality is the focus here: what sustainability topics are particularly important within the company and the dairy industry? Our 2015 stakeholder survey formed one of the bases of this analysis. You will find the GRI Content Index 2015 with the topics of material importance and indicators here.

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